Robotics for Construction & Extraction

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Publish Date: 08 Jan 2019
Code: AN-4927
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 35
Robotics  for Construction & Extraction

Advances in mobility, navigation, communication, and artificial intelligence are enabling robots to become autonomous vehicles not constrained to the factory floor or a sterile warehouse environment. Among the new frontiers of robot deployment are construction and mining extraction. Construction is a multi-trillion-dollar market with very limited consolidation, low technology adoption, and sterile productivity growth. Mining is a multi-billion-dollar industry with well-integrated technology deployment and growth that fluctuates on global demand. While the former vertical is a largely nascent opportunity, mining is already seeing the deployment of autonomous vehicles.

This report assesses the impacts of Robotics and their deployment in the challenging environments of construction and mining extraction. Currently, specialist robots are being tested for construction and automated heavy vehicles supplied by OEM’s are performing tasks around mines, from simple haulage to drilling, excavation and hard rock mining, though operations are at a very early stage of development.

ABI Research believes that mining, and to a lesser extent construction, are well placed to see significant uptake in robot adoption. While only a fraction of the potential market for indoor mobile applications like manufacturing locations and warehouses, these verticals are key to furthering the deployment of robots in challenging environments and laying the groundwork for more general use in the long-term.