Wearable Device User Interface and User Experience

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Publish Date: 12 Mar 2018
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Wearable Device User Interface and User Experience

Wearable devices can vary from simple ones to powerful machines fully integrated to users’ needs. Some are vital signal monitors, while others may have a visual interactive display. The interactions are initiated by contextual data from a device’s sensors or end-user behaviors. As wearables are becoming more capable and powerful, new functionalities, such as smart glasses and VR, will demand novel interface development. Furthermore, as more and more use cases are developed for wearable devices, this will enable wider technology adoption, especially in the enterprise. The choice of User Interface (UI) is determined by the wearable form factors, types, use cases, and the intended applications and environment. A modern UI is a complex piece of software.

Touchscreen UI continues to be dominant interfaces for wearable devices, but its grip on the UI experience will decline over the next few years due to the integration of more sensors into wearables and the miniaturization of wearables. New UIs such as voice, eye-tracking, gesture, proximity sensor, and augmented reality start to become critical for new user experience (UX). This research highlights different physical input methods along with respective opportunities and challenges, user experience and market trends, and consider the impact of the interaction development on emerging and adjacent market applications. It goes into software interface and lists the key players for wearable platforms that affect UI and UX. 

Table of Contents

  • Overview of Wearable Devices
  • Overview of Wearable Device UI and UX
  • User Interface and User Experience
  • Wearable Device UI Navigation
  • Wearable Device UI and UX
  • Functionality for Interface Development
  • Touch UI
  • Voice UI
  • Eye Tracking UI
  • Gesture UI
  • Proximity Sensor UI
  • Augmented Reality UI
  • Wearable Platforms
  • Drivers and Barriers
  • Related Research

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