Hot Tech Innovators - Location Technologies

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Publish Date: 02 Feb 2018
Code: PT-2013
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 21
Hot Tech Innovators - Location Technologies
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This presentation will narrow in on 15 companies considered to be providing, pursuing, and developing exciting solutions to a variety of business cases across the value chain. This includes companies working end-to-end indoor location solutions, module vendors, carrier location platform vendors, hardware OEMs, and software solutions and others. A multitude of transformative location technologies are offered by the companies mentioned in this report including Bluetooth, Ultrasound, GNSS, Augmented Reality, Ultra-wide band, Sensor Fusion, LoRaWAN, Cellular Connectivity, and Wi-Fi.
The companies reviewed include: Wiliot, CopSonic, EXO Technologies, Aisle411, Quuppa, ubudu,, Mist Systems, Wyres, IndoorAtlas, uwinloc, u-blox, Zebra Technologies, Comtech Telecommunications Corp, Gimbal, and H&D Wireless.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Wiliot: Passive Bluetooth to Simplify Indoor Location
  • CopSonic: Ultrasonic Authentication for IoT
  • EXO Technologies: GNSS Correction Software for Automotive Applications
  • Aisle411: Augmented Reality for Indoor Navigation
  • Quuppa: Bluetooth RTLS with Increased Accuracy
  • Ubudu: Mesh Networking Solution for Beacons
  • Indoor Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Engine
  • Mist Systems: Virtual BLE Beacons
  • Wyres: Multi-Connectivity, Scalable Asset Tracking
  • IndoorAtlas: Handset-Based Geomagnetic Positioning
  • Uwinloc: Passive Ultra-Wideband RTLS for Asset Tracking
  • u-blox: GNSS Receivers for IoT Applications
  • Zebra: Multiple-Technology Solution to Meet a Variety of RTLS Demands
  • Comtech Telecommunications: Location-Based Silicon-as-a-Service
  • Gimbal: Beacons for OOH Advertising Networks
  • H&D Wireless: SAP-Integrated RTLS Targeting Return Transport Packages