Industrial Robots Market Update

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Publish Date: 08 Oct 2018
Code: PT-2131
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 16
Industrial Robots Market Update

This report serves as an update to the latest development in the industrial robotics market. Drawing reference from the commercial and industrial robotics market data, the potential of industrial and collaborative robotics market is undeniably bright as more manufacturers and verticals embark on the journey of automation.

As the ecosystem continues to mature, ABI Research has identified several important trends that will drive the industry forward. The emergence of Chinese robotics vendors is likely to dominate the price-sensitive segment of the market, especially in the local Chinese market. At the same time, complimentary robotics technology has further advanced the capabilities of robot arms. Development in cloud robotics, deep learning based machine operation, and wider ecosystem will allow industrial and collaborative robots to become more reliable, versatile and efficient.


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Definition
  • Another Year of Strong Growth
  • Chinese Robot Vendors Gaining Momentum
  • Continual Growth of Collaborative Robot
  • Advancement in Gripper Technology
  • Key Recommendations to Developers and Implementers
  • Distant Future of Industrial Robotics
  • Key Investments and Funding