Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Agriculture Applications

Price: Starting at USD 3,000
Publish Date: 05 Jan 2018
Code: AN-2528
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 35
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Agriculture Applications

 ABI Research has procured a detailed overview of one of the commercial drone industry’s most promising market verticals; agriculture. This refers to the use of commercial grade sUAV’s for the purposes of analyzing crops and livestock, spraying and planting. For the purposes of context, the report also touches on developments in aerial imaging from larger UAV’s, satellites, manned aircraft and the advancement of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV’s) for the purpose of analysis.

The report provides an introduction to modern agriculture practices and commercial drone applications for the industry. This includes a breakdown of the market ecosystem and technologies. This includes the drone platform, various types of imaging, sensors and vegetation indices, and the use-cases that can be derived from them.

Following this, the report delves into two clear commercial opportunities; exoskeletons and grippers, and discusses some of the commercialization opportunities that are yet to be realized.

The Soft Robotics industry is in its embryonic stages, and ABI details the developments that will have to occur for them to become commercialized, including improvements in materials and sensors. But for every challenge in this emerging new field, there are multiple opportunities for researchers, technologists, and businesses (and investors) to provide innovative solutions.