Digital Security Quarterly Update

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Publish Date: 20 Feb 2019
Code: PT-2022
Research Type: Presentation
Pages: 9
Digital Security Quarterly Update
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This quarterly update is focusing on top-level insights related to cybersecurity technologies, the digital security research service, and covers important aspects related to IoT security. The presentation covers advanced analytics and their place in the cybersecurity intelligence value chain,  the new value propositions offered by encryption key management systems, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The quarterly update also offers market data related to smart IoT gateways as well as vertical and geographical segmentation of critical infrastructure investments.

Table of Contents

  • Center Stage for Digital Security Analytics
  • Encryption Key Management creates new value propositions for the IoT
  • Smart Gateways are steadily entering the IoT ecosystems
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies
  • Energy, Transport, Water and Waste exhibiting larger growth in Critical Infrastructure
  • Regional Critical Infrastructure : North America still tops security investments