The Internet of Robotic Things

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Publish Date: 02 Sep 2014
Code: AN-1818
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 20
The Internet of Robotic Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), the technologies, architectures, and services that allow massive numbers of sensor enabled, uniquely addressable “things” to communicate with each other and transfer data over pervasive networks using Internet protocols, is expected to be the next great technological innovation and business opportunity. It will exceed in size and importance both the personal computer and mobile communications markets, and even the development of the Internet itself.

At this time, most IoT initiatives are focused on using connected devices with simple, onboard, passive sensors to manage, monitor and optimize systems and their processes. This alone will be hugely impactful; however, it is not too soon for forward-thinking companies to explore the more advanced and transformational aspects of ubiquitous connectivity to, and communication among, smart devices.

This research study introduces the concept of the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT), where intelligent devices can monitor events, fuse sensor data from a variety of sources, use local and distributed “intelligence” to determine a best course of action, and then act to control or manipulate objects in the physical world, and in some cases while physically moving through that world. It will also examine the many ways IoT technologies and robotic “devices” intersect to provide advanced robotic capabilities, along with novel applications, and by extension, new business, and investment opportunities.