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SES S.A. offers a portfolio of enterprise and government-grade broadband solutions primarily through its 54-strong GEO wide beam satellite fleet, including 4 HTSs at 36,000 km altitude and 20 HTSs in MEO at 8,000 km altitude. As an enterprise-focused network, SES’s broadband service offerings are SLA-based and include CIRs and MIRs for fully-managed Internet, maritime connectivity, aviation, and government segments via both its GEO and MEO satellite constellations.

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SES is the top innovator in the Satellite Broadband Connectivity Providers competitive ranking, claiming an industry-first in multi-orbit satellite infrastructure with a 54-satellite strong GEO fleet and the new O3b mPOWER fleet in MEO. SES-17, its newest Kaband HTS, can adopt O3b mPOWER as demand shifts and allows for an interoperable multi-orbit satellite network. Combined with the company’s proprietary Adaptive Resource Controller (ARC), a software solution that serves as the brain for the network to enable dynamic and automatic traffic allocation in real time, as well as orbit switching for complete interoperability between SES’s MEO system and the GEO satellite, SES can supply capacity and connectivity for premium market segments.

SES has positioned itself as a leader in the Satellite Broadband Connectivity Providers competitive ranking. This is largely in part because SES is a distributor of high-throughput connectivity services for power users, such as public cloud operators AWS and Microsoft Azure, and the U.S. government. SES provides some of the most resilient and flexible network capabilities in the market to move vast amounts of data. SES is innovating in various operational orbits with interoperable multi-orbit infrastructure in MEO and GEO, while deploying next-generation flexible, beamforming, SDSs. With SES’s capabilities to support data-intensive customers across a variety of domains, ABI Research considers the company to be the leader in enterprise connectivity.

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