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With headquarters in the United States, Marvell is a global developer and producer of semiconductors and related technologies. The company has a global footprint of 7,000 employees and holds 10,000+ patents.

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Ranked as a top implementer and innovator, Marvell works with a variety of technology partners, including Arm, TSMC, and software providers, such as Red Hat. Marvell also works closely with large OEMs, deploying Marvell silicon and hardware in wireless equipment. Its focus is to cultivate a strong relationship with customers in order to fully understand the challenges and provide comprehensive support directly, minimizing friction.

AMD was recognized as a Top Innovator of Intelligent Accelerator Providers. AMD’s Pensando family of DPUs takes a system approach, including a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) approach to optimizing compute and infrastructure resources. Pensando DPUs support the P4 programming language and can be used to enable a smart switch, deployed in the cloud or at the edge. The Pensando Elba P4-programmable DPU enables wirespeed performance and enhances security through an isolated enforcement policy.

A Top Implementer of Intelligent Accelerator Providers, Marvell primarily focuses on four different areas of customer engagement; data center, carrier infrastructure, automotive and enterprise networking and this is reflected in its OCTEON 10 DPU deployments. Some examples of customers deploying Marvell DPUs include Nokia, Oracle Cloud, Samsung, Dell, and Vodafone. Marvell’s GTM strategy involves working directly with cloud hyperscalers/infrastructure providers as well as partnering with technology hardware/ software developers by providing customized solutions that help solve customer challenges.

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