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The roots of Boldyn Networks reach back to 1923, when Bai Communications was founded in Australia. As BAI’s international business continued to grow alongside the Australian home market, fueled by a range of acquisitions, since 2021, BAI acquired Mobilitie, Signal Point Systems, and ZenFi Networks in the United States, rebranding its international business and moving the different acquired brands under one central roof. This is why, as of June 2023, BAIs business on the northern hemisphere operates under the newly founded Boldyn Networks. Globally, Boldyn counts among its infrastructure deployments connectivity for seven major transit systems, with nearly 1,000 stations covered around the world, more than 10,000 small cells, 250 venues with DASs, 77 co-location facilities, nearly 2,000 miles of fiber, and 300 macro towers.

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In our competitive ranking of Neutral Host Providers' Enterprise 5G Solutions, Boldyn Networks was recognized for its thorough presence in different markets through its six individual brands that have now been unified under the Boldyn roof. Furthermore, the number of existing DAS deployments and the size of the partnership network equip it well for commercial success when it comes to enterprise 5G deployments.

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