Upcoming ABI Research Webinar Explores Generative AI in Manufacturing: A Transformational Powerhouse or Potential Problem?

03 Oct 2023

The excitement around generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in manufacturing comes from building out potential use cases, scaling from creating new designs to ultimately overhauling entire production processes. Global technology intelligence firm ABI Research is pleased to announce its upcoming webinar, Generative AI In Manufacturing: Transformative Technology or Potential Problem?, exploring generative AI and its potentially transformative impact on the worldwide manufacturing ecosystem. This event is a must-attend for generative AI providers, manufacturing software providers, and manufacturers looking to understand which use cases fit their respective industry and company size.

Webinar Highlights:

ABI Research experts Senior Analyst Reece Hayden and Industry Analyst James Iverson will discuss impactful generative AI trends, anticipated manufacturing use cases, and potential pitfalls the sector will want to avoid. They will offer their unique perspective on the following critical questions:

  • Can open-source progress settle generative AI concerns? 
  • Will generative AI be deployed at the edge? 
  • What are generative AI’s manufacturing use cases, and which will be the big revenue creators? 
  • What are the merits of an AI partnership vs. going alone for manufacturing software providers? 
  • What strategies should underline generative AI deployment? 

Date: October 11, 2023
Time: 11 AM, EST
Location: Virtual Webinar.
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