Industrial Blockchain Revenue by Sector

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Industrial Data Security: Protecting Intellectual Property

Research Report | 09 Dec 2022 | AN-5579

Some intellectual property security solutions include deploying blockchain-protected designs that can secure digital 3D printable files with the help of hashing. Put simply, hashing is the creation of a unique fingerprint for a file and its contents. If the content is tampered with, a new hash will result and owners of the file will know it has been breached. For the 3D printer to manufacture the files, it needs to encrypt them via the hashes. Moreover, via blockchain technologies and tokens tied to hashes, the industrial printer requires a token for each print. This means the owner of the design controls print runs, and the manufacturer avoids legal risk for leaked or intercepted files. The deployment of blockchain tokenization and hashes in IP protection is a promising area for IP security and one that will further drive growth in the blockchain market. Table 2 projects a 42.3% CAGR in blockchain revenue between 2022 and 2027.