Wired To Wireless Change Guide

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Publish Date: 10 Nov 2023
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Wired To Wireless Change Guide
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Looking at today's factory floor, it is apparent that fixed-line connectivity is still the name of the game. Industry 4.0, however, calls for a technology upgrade, establishing a more automated factory through wireless cellular connectivity. 
Connectivity is a key element of hyper-efficient manufacturing operations, and it is crucial to have a singular connectivity protocol that provides ubiquitous connection to all the devices and machinery on the factory floor. The more industrial and manufacturing firms use common standards in their connectivity solutions, the more they eliminate points of friction between robots, systems, and controls to connect to mission-critical processes. Smart manufacturing connectivity should enable high mobility, high throughput, and low latency to support increasingly automated production processes. 
To remain competitive, industrial and manufacturing firms must invest in digital transformation and evaluate the technology needed to best support these reengineering efforts for maximum ROI. This whitepaper provides pertinent recommendations as manufacturers consider the move from wired to wireless operations.