2022 Technology Summit: IoT and Pharma Image

2022 Technology Summit: IoT and Pharma


Actionable Benefits

  • Understand the markets seeing growing adoption of IoT track & trace in pharma.
  • Develop product line and strategy around the pain-points and current practices in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Understand where pharmaceutical supply chains want to get to and where technology is being used.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What does the pharmaceutical supply chain look like?
  • Who and what are the main influencers in the pharmaceutical supply chain?
  • What types of technologies are currently being used to track goods and assets in the pharmaceutical supply chain?  

Research Highlights

  • Mapping of the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  • Insight into the pain points and opportunities for different levels of stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain.   

Who Should Watch This?

  • IoT and software technology providers to the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  • Supply chain practitioners in the pharmaceutical industry.