Transformational Technology Summit: How 5G Is Transforming the Mobile Devices Value and Supply Chain Image

Transformational Technology Summit: How 5G Is Transforming the Mobile Devices Value and Supply Chain

Actionable Benefits

  • Learn key aspects that are transforming and reshaping the multi-faceted 5G mobile devices environment causing a permanent reshaping of the value and supply chains.
  • Uncover analyses of new experience-centric constructs that are emerging in the 5G mobile devices market.
  • Understand the ongoing impacts and lasting ramifications on the mobile device ecosystem from the COVID pandemic and the current geopolitical situation.
  • Explore how the industry is looking to resolve complexity caused by the massive increase in related components as 5G accelerates its role in mobile devices.
  • Find out who will be the winners and losers as the RF business undergoes further consolidation under the 5G landscape.           

Critical Questions Answered

  • How is 5G Technology Migration Creating a Multi-faceted Environment, Transforming the Mobile Devices Value & Supply Chains?
  • What are the key requirements for Moving Consumer Technologies from Device-Centric to Experience-Centric Ecosystems?
  • How is the 5G Mobile Devices Market Embracing the Value Web?
  • What are the lasting impacts on the mobile devices Supply Chain caused by COVID-19 & Geopolitics?
  • Why is integration and partnerships key to 5G chipset designs, leading to the delivery of enhanced next generation connected compute experiences and establishing a wider 5G devices ecosystem?
  • How is 5G Changing Complexity of the RFFE and Accelerating the Role of RF System Level Design?               

Research Highlights

  • A detailed insight into 5G taking the mobile devices market from a device-centric to experience-centric ecosystem, requiring that the supply chain is reshaped across all device types.
  • Review latest smartphones shipments forecasts and precited market shares caused by the pandemic and geopolitical trade war.
  • Detailed 5G roadmaps Accelerating MODAP Integration Beyond Smartphones and changing RFFE Efficiency from Components-Level to System-Level Designs.
  • Comprehensive view of the expected RFFE vendor landscape caused by the accelerated Role of RF System Level Design.     

Who Should Watch This?

  • Decision makers within device companies looking to understand how the market will develop.
  • Technology solution providers and component vendors that need to understand the growth of devices and related technologies.
  • Sales and marketing leaders within device vendors and component companies looking to understand market sizing and growth patterns.
  • Innovation leaders for mobile operators who need to understand how and where 5G will evolve.