Digital Authentication and Embedded Security for IoT Devices Image

Digital Authentication and Embedded Security for IoT Devices


Actionable Benefits

  • Identify the optimal IoT applications for your embedded authentication technologies.
  • Determine the best form factor for your specific embedded systems based on available security features.
  • Optimize hardware security strategies in your IoT product development.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which industries are going to be leveraging hardware-based security?
  • Which authentication form factors are OEMs going to be favoring?
  • Which hardware security technologies are likely to lead for embedded systems?

Research Highlights

  • Market forecast for 6 primary hardware-based embedded security technologies.
  • A detailed breakdown by hardware-type and application use case.
  • Shipment and revenue forecasts for each form factor across the five regions.

Who Should Read This?

  • Semiconductor and silicon IP companies.
  • Embedded systems OEMs.
  • IoT service providers.

Table of Contents

Embedded Security Shipments by Technology

Embedded Security Revenues by Technology

TPM Shipments by Application

TEE Shipments by Application

Secure MCU Shipments by Application

Market Prospects

Opportunities and Threats

Stakeholder Recommendations