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A Top Innovator in Yard Management Systems, Kaleris leverages technology-based partnerships, specifically around hardware in order to provide the tracking equipment for the YMS; deployment-based partners, such as regional logistics experts, to support deployments across markets and geographies, help with managing overhead costs and create implementation savings to pass on to customers; and channel-based partnerships, working with organizations like logistics service providers that “resell” the YMS, creating a channel to expand sales and bookings.

The overall leader in Yard Management Systems, Kaleris deliver supply chain execution systems for yard, terminal, vessel, and transportation management. Kaleris’ solutions are operating across more than 80 countries, 300 truck yards, 150 rail sites, 500 marine terminals, and with more than 350 Fortune 1,000 shippers.

Kaleris ranked as a top implementer of Yard Management Systems. Kaleris’ technology, deployment, and channel-based partnerships have helped the company continuously grow their revenue and customer base, expanding its solutions’ reach and tapping into regional specialists.

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