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Edge Impulse was named a Top Innovator in Edge ML Enablement Platform Vendors competitive ranking. The Edge Impulse solutions, namely Edge Impulse Studio, Edge Optimized Neural (EON) Compiler, and EON Tuner, are targeted at the ease of use. The company aims to simplify edge ML development by offering user-friendly, low-to-zero code tools. More importantly, Edge Impulse can support a wide range of applications, from computer vision to audio and ambient sensing, encompassing the full spectrum of edge ML applications

As a leader in implementation in our Edge ML Enablement Platform Vendors competitive ranking, Edge Impulse is involved in nearly 100,000 edge ML projects worldwide. To further democratize edge ML deployments, the company has started to offer vertical-specific edge ML turnkey solutions and engineering support, and has participated in multiple partner programs. In recent years, the company has added Bosch Sensortec, Alif Semiconductor, Syntiant, and Brain Chip as hardware partners, on top of the major chipset vendors, such as NVIDIA, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Nordic Semiconductor, and Eta Compute.

Edge Impulse names the Overall Leader in our Edge ML Enablement Platform Vendors competitive ranking ranking, thanks to demonstrating a clear vision in its product strategy and services. The company has introduced several innovative products around model compression and AutoML, while adding new hardware and software partners into its ecosystem. Most importantly, the company maintains active engagement with the developer communities and industrial partner program, building itself as a trusted brand in the edge ML sector

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