The Post Pandemic Smart City – Lessons and Opportunities

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4Q 2021 | IN-6353


COVID Is Not Over, But Are We Prepared for What Is Next?


While fears exist of spending yet another winter battling COVID, we need to ask ourselves: What is next? There are a few different threats to public health that are of concern to scientists and governments; most notably, pollution-related diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

Many of the different technologies and techniques used in the COVID-19 pandemic can also help in the fight against other major health concerns. This is a key motivator that can be used to engage cities and maintain their interest in smart technologies that can help keep their citizens safe.

What Has Been Done?


With around 70% of the global population expected to be living in cities by 2050, it is important for these cities to be prepared for future crises. Around the world different cities have used technology to help deal with the pandemic; for example, Singapore, which recently topped the Smart City Index for the second year running, was the first country to release a COVID-19 contact tracing app. Further, the California-base…

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