5G and Federated Edge Computing Could Turbo Charge the Cloud Gaming Market

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By Jake Saunders | 3Q 2021 | IN-6201


Transforming The Market Opportunity for Cloud Gaming


Investment in 5G infrastructure is building as the number of 5G deployments ramps up past 150 trialed or commercial installations by the end of March 2021. There is considerable expectation that 5G could enable a 10 to 20 Gbit/s download experience for mobile users, as well as support a range of enterprise services such as smart manufacturing, smart mining & exploration, and smart retail services, as mobile operators are hankering for the opportunity to expand the mobility experience for their consumers.

Cloud-based gaming, that could potentially leverage not just 5G but also edge computing, is being promoted as a potential lucrative revenue opportunity for mobile telecoms. ABI Research estimates the online video and gaming markets generated US$ 330 billion in revenue, but how easy is it for a mobile operator to “spin” up cloud-based gaming?

Latency is the Bottleneck


The cloud gaming experience is shaped by:

  • Traffic Characteristics: The amount of bandwidth utilized in a game session…

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