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Telefonica's New Plan is Nothing New

José María Álvarez-Pallete, the Chairman and CEO of Iberian multinational network operator Telefonica announced the company will now undergo a considerable transformation that will allow it to lead for another 100 years. The CEO argues that the world has indeed changed and is now fast-moving, full of geopolitical, financial, and regulatory uncertainties. On top of this, technology in general—including cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI)—is rapidly changing society and the workplace. It is natural that any Communications Service Provider (CSP)—and certainly a Tier-1 like Telefonica—will need to transform and evolve in order to survive, let alone thrive.

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Eleftheria Kouri
Eleftheria Kouri
Research Analyst

The AR Cloud Promises High Value, Future Proof AR Use Cases, but Needs Help from Enabling Technologies

The Augmented Reality (AR) cloud is often described as the world’s digital twin, a digital copy of the real world that is accessible by any user from any device, from any location and at any time. It is expected that the AR cloud will play catalytic role in the way that users engage and search for information while at the same time, transform the way that businesses operate and communicate with customers and employees in both physical and digital forms. The AR Cloud has the potential to directly impact most of the AR value chain, which ABI Research forecasts will reach almost US$102 billion by 2024.

“The journey toward scaled deployment of the AR Cloud has begun and numerous companies from tech giants to start-ups are starting to build ‘mini AR clouds’ and contributing to building a cloud-based 3D map of the real world. The synergy of numerous technologies, including computer vision, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), and connectivity are required to precisely localize devices in the environment and deliver sharable and persistent AR content,” says Eleftheria Kouri, Research Analyst.

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Michael Larner
Michael Larner
Principal Analyst

Manufacturers' Spend on Simulation Software will Surpass US$2.5 Billion in 2025

Traditionally, simulation software was only used to tweak production lines. Today, it is utilized to test new concepts, accelerate product development, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. These new uses will spur manufacturer’s spend on simulation software to US$2.6 billion in 2025, according to a new report from ABI Research.

Often manufacturers invest in simulation software only when there is uncertainty about making changes to a production line or when building a brand-new line is too expensive. That is because downtime is costly in terms of operational efficiencies and a manufacturer’s reputation is on the line if customer orders are delayed. “But now, new use cases have proven that by investing in simulation software, manufacturers can identify and solve issues in advance. Simulation software can also be used to simulate how components work together in creating new products and simulating process flows to demonstrate compliance,” explains Michael Larner, Principal Analyst.

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Seattle Tries Out Mobile Voting

Computer World

About 1.2 million Seattle area voters will be able to use their smartphone, laptop or a computer at their local library to vote in a current election this year. This will be the first time online voting is available to all eligible registered voters of a district, according to a foundation behind the initiative.

Michela Menting, digital security & blockchain research director at ABI Research, said mobile voting is becoming mature enough to be used in the general voting process, and there will be increasing opportunities to allow for tech-based voting, whether it is mobile or blockchain-based. “The security concerns associated with voting can be alleviated through technology, there is no doubt, especially when this is properly implemented,” Menting said.

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TikTok: Why the Enormous Success?


“TikTok became popular thanks to the connection with Instagram. Daily, thousands of people are sharing TikTok videos on their Instagram stories, something that plays an important role in usage/download rates of TikTok due to the existing large user base of TikTok. A considerable number of people became aware of TikTok through Insta stories and Instagram Influencers.” - Eleftheria Kouri, AR & VR Analyst.

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