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Making the Impossible Possible: How CSPs Can Resolve Their Complicated Relationship with Manufacturers

While the commercial deployment of 5G for consumer markets already picked up pace during 2019, the year 2020 will be decisive for the deployment of 5G on the factory floor, with manufacturers eagerly waiting for the freeze of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)’s release 16 (March 2020), which will enable industrial applications of 5G through the standardization of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), massive Machine-Type Communication (mMTC) and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC).

Furthermore, the decisions of more and more national regulators to award local spectrum to enterprises directly will result in even more enterprises (like manufacturers) considering cellular network deployment.


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Kateryna Dubrova
Kateryna Dubrova
Research Analyst

2020 Will Be the Year of Continuous Intelligence in the IoT Analytics Market

In 2020, there will be greater adoption of Continuous Intelligence (CI) technologies, which will elevate IoT data analytics way beyond traditional operational levels and have a greater impact on strategic planning and organizational change, states ABI Research.

“The concept of Continuous Intelligence (CI) will be consolidating in the IoT analytics market, enabling more advanced analytics in near-real time,” says Kateryna Dubrova, M2M, IoT & IoE Analyst. Since the emergence and expansion of streaming analytics and streaming technologies, the ability to continuously analyze and extract value from the IoT data is growing. The CI application will be possible because the cloud vendors and vendors are offering E2E platforms, expanding their capabilities through digital twinning, big data technologies, and ML algorithms. “Hence, in 2020, ABI Research predicts greater adoption of CI technologies, which will elevate IoT data analytics beyond traditional operational level (maintenance and control), but we will also observe a greater impact on strategic planning and organizational change.” Read more

Maite Bezerra
Maite Bezerra
Research Analyst

2020 Will Be the Year of Cooperative Mobility via the Connected Car

In 2020, 10.46 million more connected cars will be added to roadways worldwide, sharing information. This will mark the year of 2020 as the advent of cooperative mobility, according to ABI Research.

“Driving is a multi-agent problem, with many of today’s accidents and inefficiencies due to poor communication and coordination between the various road users. The year 2020 will see the advent of more cooperative forms of mobility, with 107 million connected cars on the road starting to share data messages about road and traffic conditions to allow other connected vehicles to anticipate hazards and improve traffic flow,” says Maite Bezerra, Smart Mobility & Automotive Analyst. Read more.


Body Worn Cameras Fuel Biometrics Growth

Global Security Magazine

Access Control, Body-Worn Cameras (BWC) and surveillance cameras will see the most growth in the biometric market between now and 2024, according to global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research.

Ever-present and multi-faceted threats to public safety in governmental settings, the ongoing chase for more intelligently secure smart home, and lacklustre user authentication options in workforce management systems will boost biometric hardware revenues to US$19 billion by 2024, according to the latest ABI Research information.

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What's Ahead for 5G This Year

Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

A wave of 5G-ready smartphones, laptops and other devices is expected to hit the market in the year ahead, though many chief information officers say the technology’s business impact is years away.

Global sales of 5G smartphones are expected to reach roughly 170 million units by 2021, up from an estimated 12 million in 2019, according to a report by ABI Research, a technology market advisory firm. Over the same period, sales of 5G network devices, excluding smartphones, are expected to climb to 10 million units from about two million.

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