IoT Device Management and the FIDO Alliance: Has the Time Come for Zero-Touch Device Onboarding?

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By Abdullah Haider | 1Q 2022 | IN-6458


FIDO's Answer to the Onboarding Dilemma: FIDO Device Onboard (FDO)


The onboarding dilemma consists of a need to manage multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which is easy to onboard, yet neither proprietary code nor compatible with only a small number of hardware devices. Instead, the onboarding solution should support a larger amount of hardware and leverage open standards. Prior to FIDO’s answer to the onboarding dilemma, OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) also sought to address these shortcomings and introduced LwM2M (Lightweight Machine-to-Machine) which is an application layer for device management that can also be zero-touch in certain conditions. However, for customers that use a MQTT messaging protocol with a broker instead of a LwM2M server, the friction remains as their MQTT device manager is normally unable to onboard devices in a zero-touch manner; if a customer can onboard zero-touch, then it is limited to a given set of hardware if not proprietary altogether. This creates friction for customers to switch suppliers. FIDO says FDO addresses these pain points by introducing a specification that suppo…

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