The Partnership of Renesas and Syntiant Points to An Edge AI Future of Multimodal Learning

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By Lian Jye Su | 3Q 2021 | IN-6288


Vision and Voice AI Solution


In July 2021, Renesas and Syntiant launched an edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) computational platform that supports Machine Learning (ML) based computer vision and voice recognition in edge devices. The solution combines an RZ/V Series microprocessor unit (MPU) from Renesas with the Neural Decision Processor (NDP) 120 from Syntiant. Renesas MPU is responsible for computer vision inference workloads, while Syntiant’s chipset supports voice-related inference workloads.

Renesas mentioned that this partnership is essential for targeting edge AI use cases outside of automotive. As a strong player in automotive, Renesas is keen to expand its presence in the non-automotive space. By leveraging the market presence of an established edge AI player like Syntiant, Renesas aims to combine always-on, low-power voice and speech recognition with classification, object detection, and image segmentation in non-automotive applications, such as security systems, personal devices, industrial and manufacturing, transportation and logistics.

Multimodal Learning for Better Insight

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