Critical Decisions for IoT Device Management Customers: Choosing Between Open Standards (MQTT or LwM2M).

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By Abdullah Haider | 3Q 2021 | IN-6241


The Strategic Choices Facing Device Management Vendors as Their Core Services are Standardized


The choice between employing a new standard (often LwM2M) or an older standard (MQTT) is difficult due to complexities of migrating to the new standard because of device management service suppliers (who may not use LwM2M) and due to legacy hardware systems deployed in the field (which may not support new protocols like LwM2M). Presently, multiple vendors (such as gateway manufacturers and platform suppliers alike) are adopting LwM2M. However, other industry players including the cloud hyper-scalers (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Watson) are continuing their support of MQTT—believing that this protocol will continue to be a valuable commercial proposition for existing and legacy IoT systems. Also, the hyper-scalers could be following a different business strategy, in that they would rather invest in value-added services such as Machine Learning (ML) inferences (predictive analytics) both at the edge and for the cloud where they can differentiate their products (and the cloud is where they have h…

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