Wi-Fi 6 Has Hit the Market, But What About Wi-Fi 7?

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2Q 2021 | IN-6195


2024 Will See Vast Improvements to Wi-Fi Due to The Release of 802.11be


Whilst Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E have recently become available and are seeing a steady increase in shipments across many device types, the market is already looking to the next protocol for the technology and what it can offer. Wi-Fi 7, or 802.11be, or Wi-Fi Extremely High Throughput, will be the next protocol to hit the market, offering features that will provide higher data rates, lower latency and interference, improved power efficiency, higher capacity, and improved cost efficiency. Expected to launch in 2024, some of its main features include a max rate of 46 Gbps (Wi-Fi 6 offers 9.6 Gbps), connectivity in bands from 1 GHz to 7.25 GHz, WPA3 security, up to 320 MHz channel size (Wi-Fi 6 offers up to 160 MHz), 4096-QAM OFDMA with extensions (Wi-Fi 6 offers 1024-QAM OFDMA), and 16x16 MU-MIMO (Wi-Fi offers 8x8 MU-MIMO). The move towards the 6 GHz band within Wi-Fi 6E will be key in enabling Wi-Fi 7, providing companies with the necessary experience of the band to ensure that new devices and chipsets can be developed quickly. It will also provide back…

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