Accelerating EV Design with Neural Concept’s Deep Learning Based Prototyping

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By Michael Larner | 2Q 2021 | IN-6134


Industrial Firms are now Hastening the Product Design Process with Neural Concept


Neural Concept, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, was founded in 2018 by Dr. Pierre Baque. Today, it employs 18 people whose expertise in computer vision and 3D geometry looks to reduce the time required for the likes of Airbus, Bosch, PSA Groupe, and other Tier One automotive suppliers when designing new products and components.

Historically, simulation engineers received the designs and prototypes and were tasked with optimizing them by testing them against criteria. Today, simulation is no longer a separate task but interwoven into the design process. By collecting and assimilating all the relevant data, as well as including all human-designed machine learning models previously produced, Neural Concept’s deep learning capabilities can help customers to create an optimal product quicker than previous product creations.

Designing EVs with Deep Learning


The move away from the internal combustion engine is now irreversible with automotive original equipment manufacturers (…

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