Nokia Facilitates Machine Vision Deployment via Bring Your Own Algorithms and Federated Learning

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By Lian Jye Su | 1Q 2021 | IN-6076


Nokia's Foray into Machine Learning -Based Machine Vision


In 2017, Nokia acquired SpaceTime Insight, which included applications for asset-intensive industries and an integrated platform for developing, running, and creating applications. Now, as part of Nokia Cloud and Network Services, Nokia SpaceTime analytics provides an extensive portfolio of advanced analytics capabilities.

An example of this is Nokia’s video analytics solution called SpaceTime scene analytics, which allows users to perform surveillance, anomaly detection, and metadata generation based on sensor inputs, images, and video streams. The solution supports a wide range of video cameras and IoT sensors through local-area and wide-area networks. In order to ensure the support for legacy systems, Nokia’s SpaceTime scene analytics can be integrated with all major Vendor-Management Systems (VMS) such as Milestone, Genetec, and Eagle Eye Networks, as well as legacy SCADA and ERP systems. While these are very common features, Nokia SpaceTime has some other innovative features up its sleeve.

Innovative Features

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