Sustainable Smart Cities: The Right Way Forward

by Jun Wei Ee | 3Q 2020 | IN-5908
As climate change continues to rear its head across the globe, governments are constantly planning to create and build sustainable cities for their citizens. The utilization of smart technologies and tools to address environmental hazards is crucial to providing people with a decent quality of life. Smart cities are sprouting around the world at a rapid pace, with more than 500 smart cities being built across China alone. Tencent, one of China’s tech giants, is creating a smart city model that puts people and the environment first. Named “Net City,” it will be situated in Shenzhen with a focus on reducing car usage, increased environmental conservation, and prioritizing sustainability. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles are among the technologies that will be utilized in this project, with nature-focused features tackling the impacts of climate change.

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