5G mMTC to Improve a Multitude of Industry Processes

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1Q 2020 | IN-5748


What 5G mMTC Involves


Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) is a key attribute of the 5G ecosystem, particularly in industry. mMTC is designed to provide a cheap and robust simultaneous connection to billions of devices, sensors, and modules within an industry setting without overloading the network, due to the small and sporadic data that is sent with little or no human interaction. The integration of 5G offers support to a much larger number of devices than previous iterations of cellular communications technologies. These devices and modules include sensors that monitor various metrics from an object, machine, person, or environment to help automate systems and improve efficiency within an industry.

How and Who 5G mMTC Will Help


The implementation of 5G mMTC allows for the automation of various processes, reducing the need for human interaction and therefore reducing human error, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. While 4G networks, Wi-Fi, and other communications technologies can provide sufficient connectivity for many use cases, 5G mMTC…

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