What Does the Future of Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Look Like?

by Eleftheria Kouri | 1Q 2020 | IN-5722
While Apple is still rumored to be launching its first Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses in the next couple of years, top-tier tech companies and promising startups such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Nreal, and others are investing in bringing AR smartglass to the masses. Mojo Vision, a Californian tech startup established in 2015, recently presented a prototype of its smart contact lenses, Mojo Lens, at CES 2020. These contact lenses include a built-in display in the form factor of a standard contact lens. The Mojo Lens display is built with 14k pixels per inch MicroLED technology, which consumes 10% of the power of current LCD displays and is five to ten times brighter than Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. Also, the dimensions of the display are small (0.018 inch), so it doesn’t block users’ real-world view. Apart from high-tech displays, the contact lenses employ other technologies such as image sensors for computer vision, motion sensors for eye-tracking and image stabilization, and wireless radio to connect to external devices. Regarding applications, the intent is to begin as a medical product, empowering people suffering from low vision by providing improved overlays of the world and sharpening details; additionally, Mojo Lens smart contact lenses are suitable for enterprise and consumer use cases with information overlays about performing tasks or showing navigation, alerts, and other notifications.

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