What Does the Future of Augmented Reality Contact Lenses Look Like?

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1Q 2020 | IN-5722


Mojo Vision Demonstrated the First Smart Contact Lenses


While Apple is still rumored to be launching its first Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses in the next couple of years, top-tier tech companies and promising startups such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Nreal, and others are investing in bringing AR smartglass to the masses. Mojo Vision, a Californian tech startup established in 2015, recently presented a prototype of its smart contact lenses, Mojo Lens, at CES 2020. These contact lenses include a built-in display in the form factor of a standard contact lens. The Mojo Lens display is built with 14k pixels per inch MicroLED technology, which consumes 10% of the power of current LCD displays and is five to ten times brighter than Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays.  Also, the dimensions of the display are small (0.018 inch), so it doesn’t block users’ real-world view. Apart from high-tech displays, the contact lenses employ other technologies such as image sensors for computer vision, motion sensors for eye-tracking and image stabilization, and wireless radio to connect to external devices. Rega…

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