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Google Daydream(ing) No More: Google Dropping VR is a Knockdown Punch for Mobile VR

Mobile Virtual Reality (VR) was already hanging on by a thread when Google pulled out its shears and cut its last lifeline by ending development and future device support of Google Daydream even though Google’s new Pixel 4’s screen supports up to 90 Hz, which would have provided a better VR experience. This market development is not surprising, as mobile VR has been stagnant for over a year, with other proponents (namely Oculus and Samsung) also pivoting away from smartphone-based VR solutions. It is unfair to say there was no market development in this segment—to its credit, Qualcomm developed and showed a different path forward for mobile VR with its viewers—but the industry had already moved on. Admittedly, even though the market was moving away from mobile, this analyst still saw a future for mobile VR that could still come to fruition. However, at least within the near future, this facet of the market will likely remain dormant at best.

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Susan Beardslee
Susan Beardslee
Principal Analyst

Commercial Fleets Looking to Tech to Accelerate ROI in the Face of Rising Costs, Competition, and Uncertainty

Commercial fleet managers from SMB’s to large enterprise are seeking effective technology solutions to enhance their operations and bottom-line results through data-driven insights and reduced risks to their rapidly evolving business. ABI Research assessed the market from the end user’s perspective and found that over 60% of operators are planning to increase their investments in technology over the next year.

Adoption of targeted technology solutions allow fleets to track drivers, vehicles, and other assets including cargo in near real-time. Early commercial deployments of SAE Level 2 ADAS  will provide easier and safer operations. It is expected that full autonomy will include electrification, which will also bring greatly reduced maintenance costs. Managers are also looking for predictive insights to better anticipate everything from at-risk drivers to unplanned vehicle downtime. “Asset utilization is a key driver of operational costs, which averages $1.74 a mile,” states Susan Beardslee, Principal Analyst, Freight Transportation & Logistics

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Don Alusha
Don Alusha
Senior Analyst

The Momentum of Enterprise 5G Will Come to a Screeching Halt Without a Cloud Native Platform

5G will catalyze change in the industry by enabling new business models and pave the way for new enterprise use cases. Complementary to 5G, cloud-native platforms promise operational efficiencies and new growth for Mobile Service Providers (MSPs). The market for cloudified 4G and 5G network elements is expected to reach US$20 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25%, according to ABI Research.

This growth aligns with the industry’s pursuit to embed a degree of agility in the ecosystem. There are some promising cloud-native technologies that cater to varying use cases across numerous enterprise verticals. The benefits notwithstanding, cloud-native computing poses some challenges for an industry that is geared towards verticalized country-specific/region-specific services. “Therefore, there is no ‘one size fits all’ model that MSPs can adopt in a way that is sufficiently impactful and not disruptive,” says Don Alusha, Senior Analyst.

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Autonomy Solution Providers Key to Future of Mobile Robotics

The Robot Report (by Senior Analyst Rian Whitton)

For the past thirty years, the robotics industry has been defined by a large number of providers building similar products with proprietary operating systems, controllers, and software to perform largely similar tasks. This applies particularly to mobile robotics.

This might be called the Artisanal Age of robotics given the significant challenges faced in developing robots for different use cases. But as technology has matured and deployments have become more common, hardware costs have gone down, and the corresponding drop in sensor prices has made it less difficult to build sophisticated mobile robots at scale.

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This Smart Lock Lets Walmart Deliver Groceries Inside Your Home

CNN Business

The concept behind the Level Lock isn't necessarily a new one. Locks that allow homeowners to electronically enable kids, visitors, dogwalkers and delivery people to safely enter and leave a home without needing a set of keys have been around for at least a decade. 

Users can still operate the lock the conventional way with their keys or with an app on their phone using a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. They can also add family and friends to the app, which allows them to use their phones as a key.

Additionally, the lock connects with Apple Homekit, so you can operate it via Siri, and add automations like locking the door when the last person leaves or receiving real-time notifications when someone enters or exits the home. 

Yet, there are still challenges when it comes to getting consumers to embrace smart locks, said Jonathan Collins, research director overseeing smart home coverage for ABI Research. While smart lock sales in the US are up 45% over last year, Collins notes there are still major hurdles to overcome.

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