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Fleet Space Raises Capital for Nanosatellite Fleet Expansion

Australian-based Fleet Space Technologies has raised US$26 million in their series B funding, with the aim of driving the expansion of their nanosatellite fleet for IoT connectivity. The satellite provider currently has six satellites in orbit, with the next launch in pursuit for early 2022—the next step in reaching the company's goal of 140 nanosatellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

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Smart MDU Players Are Winning Investors and Expanding Their Potential

In November, smart apartment specialist Dwelo was acquired by Level Home. Dwelo had been among a handful of companies that spearheaded the push to offer a smart home platform focused on multifamily properties. In contrast, Level Home didn’t launch its first product, a smart lock, until late 2019. The trajectory of both companies and their coming together reflects the growing investment and focus on the ability to manage multiple smart homes for a single customer. The push is across the market, encompassing new builds and retrofits, rentals, and homeowner residences.

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The Impact of Visibility on Supply Chain Sustainability

Using real-time visibility data, companies can gain insight into a number of metrics, such as the actual carbon footprint of a product at the stock-keeping unit (SKU) level based on the distance it has travelled and modes of transport employed to move it, as well as the number of empty miles driven, the distance travelled by trucks or vans on delivery routes, the fill level and utilization of vehicular or non-vehicular transportation assets, and many others.

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The Post Pandemic Smart City – Lessons and Opportunities

While fears exist of spending yet another winter battling COVID, we need to ask ourselves: What is next? There are a few different threats to public health that are of concern to scientists and governments; most notably, pollution-related diseases and antimicrobial resistance. With around 70% of the global population expected to be living in cities by 2050, it is important for these cities to be prepared for future crises.

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App Stores Starting to Open Up Steps Towards the Metaverse

Despite the recent and well-publicized name change, which some may view as Facebook’s attempt to become the metaverse, Zuckerberg emphasized “the metaverse will not be created by one company” and his belief is “the lack of choice for consumers and high fees for developers are stifling innovation and holding back the internet economy.”

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Michela Menting
Michela Menting
Research Director

A USD$11 Billion Revenue Opportunity for 5G Network Security Solutions and Services by 2026

As the 5G network rollout accelerates worldwide, the market for network security is materializing quickly. ABI Research forecasts a total revenue opportunity of US$11.6 billion by 2026. Delivered initially through hardware sales to telcos, the software and services opportunity is expected to grow significantly in the latter part of the forecast period.

Initially, the capex on network security appliances is driving the hardware opportunity, as the new infrastructure is being built by communication service providers. “Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are buying the solutions required primarily from network equipment providers and pure-play cybersecurity vendors. In time, other specialized third parties will penetrate the market as CSPs move towards 5G stand-alone,” explains Michela Menting, Digital Security Research Director.

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Michael Larner
Michael Larner
Principal Analyst

Oil & Gas Firms to Spend US$15 Billion on Digital Transformation Technologies by the End of the Decade

Oil & Gas firms face a myriad of operational, commercial, and existential threats. According to ABI Research, these firms are turning to digitalization to combat these threats and will spend US$15.6 billion on digital technologies in 2030. Investments in digitalization can help to analyze a pipeline’s condition, prepare for fluctuations in the changing prices for oil and gas, as well as aid action plans to create more sustainable operations and transfer to producing renewable energy sources.

Safety and Security are top priorities for Oil & Gas operators. Data analytics allied with IoT platforms have become essential to identifying issues ahead of time such as pipeline degradation, wellhead performance, and pollution from gas flares. Increasingly, however, network security is rapidly becoming a concern for both the C-suite and Governments,” explains Michael Larner, Industrial & Manufacturing Principal Analyst.

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Filter technology selection key to RFFE performance in high 5G frequencies (Analyst Angle)

RCR Wireless (written by ABI Research Director David McQueen)

The adoption of 5G continues to thrive in the mobile devices market and is expected to become more diverse and expand exponentially across all types and price tiers. However, device democratization of the 5G experience will be constrained, not just by the modem and application processor, but by the Radio Frequency Front-End (RFFE). In turn, within the RF, it is the filters that will be the most challenging and essential area to address fully as the market moves to 5G.

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Software and platforms to redefine warehouse management services

Future CIO

The warehousing sector has been forced to ramp up its digitization efforts considering the increased order volume and growing omnichannel trends due to the e-commerce boom. Global investment in Warehouse Management System (WMS) platforms surged from US$2.3 billion in 2019 to over US$2.5 billion in 2020, indicating an 8% year-over-year growth.

ABI Research forecasts worldwide WMS market revenues will have a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 23% from 2021 to 2030 and exceed US$10 billion in revenues by 2030.

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