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How Can We Measure the Impact of 5G and Edge Computing in Industry 4.0?

5G and edge enable a diverse set of Industry 4.0 tools and use cases, including predictive maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management, collaborative robots, and efficient supply-chaining. The last of these, however, does not feature significantly in the current Industry 4.0 discourse. To appreciate how important supply-chaining is as a source of competitive advantage and profit in an increasingly digital commercial world, the readers of this ABI Insight should consider this fact: Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer in the world (with Amazon being second) and it does not produce a single product. All it “produces” is a hyper-efficient supply chain, an essential component and indispensable driver for smart manufacturing, and by extension, Industry 4.0.

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Miguel Castaneda
Miguel Castaneda
Industry Analyst

Alternative Rural Off-Grid Energy Solutions for Cellular Base Stations Will Dethrone Diesel by 2024

Off-grid energy solutions are facing mounting tailwinds as mobile operators pick up the pace in network densification. ABI Research estimates a US$5.8 billion market for rural off-grid energy solutions by 2024. The looming expansion of cell sites in remote areas would challenge the reign of diesel generators as the go-to choice of energy supply for mobile operators.

“The negative environmental impact and operational inefficiencies of diesel generators are substantial drawbacks,” explains Miguel Castaneda, Industry Analyst. “Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), such as Vodafone, have recognized the importance of transitioning away from diesel generators and employing alternative energy solutions that strike a balance between profitability and environmental sustainability.”

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Michael Inouye
Michael Inouye
Principal Analyst

Subscription Services and Advertising to Push OTT Video Revenue Over $200 Billion by 2024

The Over-the-Top (OTT) video market will surpass US$200 billion by 2024, with 90% of that value fueled by subscription and advertising revenue, according to a new report by ABI Research.

New services like Disney+ and Apple TV+, coupled with aggressive pricing and packaging, and continued expansion by incumbents are pushing the Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) market to new heights. Subscriptions in the Asia-Pacific region have grown significantly, driven by key services in China (e.g., iQIYI/Baidu, Tencent, Youku Tudou/Alibaba Group) and increasing opportunities in India. The ongoing shift to OTT is creating value for companies throughout the video value chain, including pay TV operators. The expansion of new technologies, like 5G, will further present the market with new opportunities.     

 “Cord-cutting is often regarded as a consequence of expanding OTT consumption, but the market dynamics are more complex, particularly when one considers how the pay TV industry has embraced OTT as a complement and value-additive, rather than strict competition. Over time, we expect the traditional pay TV offer to continue to evolve and become indistinguishable from a pure OTT package of services,” comments Michael Inouye, Principal Analyst.

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How 5G Will Drive the Smart Factory of the Future

With the rollout of 5G in the consumer market continuing to take shape (as of October 2019, 84 operators have deployed 5G networks and there have been 1,137 5G deployments worldwide), in this article Leo Gergs of ABI Research talks about how Communications Service Providers (CSPs) also begin to mention enterprise verticals as a potential use case for 5G connectivity and tentatively present their Business-to-Business (B2B) business models, which are expected to kick off with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)’s freeze of release 16 in 2020.

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Huawei Set for Limited Role in UK 5G Networks

BBC News

The UK has decided to let Huawei continue to be used in its 5G networks but with restrictions, despite pressure from the US to block the firm. The Chinese firm will be banned from supplying kit to "sensitive parts" of the network, known as the core.

In addition, it will only be allowed to account for 35% of the kit in a network's periphery, which includes radio masts.

"This is a good compromise between alleviating 'security' concerns and making sure that the 5G UK market is not harmed," commented Dimitris Mavrakis, a telecoms analyst at ABI Research.

"It means there will be minimal disruption to existing 5G rollout plans."

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