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Five 5G Trends to Watch in 2022

ABI Research’s global team of analysts is continuously examining current trends in technology and key markets to produce accurate forecasts and provide guidance to our clients. The comprehensive technology forecast for this year includes several aspects of the 5G market. Here are five key points about what will and will not happen on the 5G front in 2022.

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Identifying and Addressing the Challenges to Mainstream Electric Vehicles

ABI Research found that, from a customer perspective, the lack of accurate range information, limited access to home charging, and a below-par public charging experience are the main obstacles preventing mass EV adoption. Inefficient power allocation and storage are bottlenecks from a grid perspective. Finally, carmakers struggle to reduce production costs and consequently EV prices, largely due to the use of ICE electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture and little use of electric components to improve battery efficiency.

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“Greener” Data Centers in an Increasingly Digital and Data-Driven World

The world’s largest data center operators, led by Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, spent US$37 billion in the third quarter of 2020 on data centers. The byproduct of this rapid growth, however, is the significant increase of energy consumption and resulting CO2 emissions.

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The Prospect for a Services-Led Model in Telecoms

Ultimately, the quest for service-centric business models will push the industry to think differently rather than assume the ecosystem is the same. This bodes well with current market realities for solutions that deliver business results rather than piece parts that provide technology features.

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Edge Computing and The Battle for Market Share

“The Edge” was one of the most written about technology areas in 2021, but inconsistency in the terminology used to describe edge technology often leads to confusion. Whether it be “Public Edge”, “Co-located Edge”, or “Private Edge” the inconsistency is largely a result of the perspective from which an edge solution is viewed. 

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The Post-Holiday Return Cycle is Setting Records

Approximately 30% of all online purchases are returned, with some retailers offering a refund without a return. UPS alone is processing over 60 million return parcels for a 10% increase Year over Year (YoY), which was previously a record. Consequently, there are multiple implications for spiraling returns, impacted by a continuing pandemic.

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Harriet Sumnall
Harriet Sumnall
Research Analyst

4G Technology Represents More Than 60% of All IoT Cellular Module Models

ABI Research has been actively monitoring the activities of 52 IoT cellular module vendors for the previous two years, collating all available information about their module portfolios into a single central repository, to offer a thorough overview of all that is available. The first release of this dataset contains information about the vendors, technology, spectrum utilization, form factor, and any value-added features for each module model.

1,037 IoT models from across the 52 module vendors are presented. “Though 5G is not a novelty, there are only 45 cataloged 5G IoT module models available,” says Harriet Sumnall, IoT Hardware and Devices Research Analyst. “This is not surprising, due to 5G not being applicable to many IoT applications outside of the automotive space and for fixed wireless terminals, due to the original release of 5G baseband modems being aimed at consumer mobile broadband market.”

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Andrew Zignani
Andrew Zignani
Research Director

Chinese Wi-Fi IoT Market to Grow From 252 Million Connections in 2021 to 916.6 Million in 2026

ABI Research forecasts that the Chinese Wi-Fi IoT market will continue to grow at a CAGR of 29% from 252 million connections in 2021 to 916.6 million in 2026. IoT is relied on heavily by enterprises, such as the manufacturing segment, for various applications like remote monitoring and management of work processes, predictive maintenance, and asset tracking. Wi-Fi serves as an enabler in connecting these IoT devices and sensors, supporting both broadband and narrowband IoT applications. Remote working has also driven consumer demand for cohesive home environments, which stimulates the growth of smart home applications, enabled by IoT devices connected over Wi-Fi connectivity.

The increasing demand for Wi-Fi-enabled applications and the advent of new standards such as Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 7 has created the need for new software and hardware components such as Wi-Fi chipsets and devices that can support the latest standards. “To meet the surging Wi-Fi demand, the Chinese market been ramping up manufacturing capabilities through support plans provided by the government and the emergence of new vendors to ease the strain felt from the global chip shortage,” says Andrew Zignani, Research Director. 

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Oil and gas sector invests $15.6bn in digital to tackle industry threats

Smart Energy International

Companies within the oil and gas sector will spend $15.6 billion on digital tools to address industry challenges and align operations with changing business models, according to a new report released by ABI Research.

The report, Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Markets, states that companies will through 2030 increase investments in digital transformation to address commercial, operational, and existential threats, as well as align business models with changing climate action regulation.

Michael Larner, industrial and manufacturing principal analyst at ABI Research said: “Safety and Security are top priorities for Oil & Gas operators. Data analytics allied with IoT platforms have become essential to identifying issues ahead of time such as pipeline degradation, wellhead performance, and pollution from gas flares. Increasingly, however, network security is rapidly becoming a concern for both the C-suite and Governments.”

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Playing it Safe: AR’s Digital Benefits for Manufacturers

Consumer Goods Technology

Much has been made about digitalization and its effects on industry. But some segments of the economy aren’t easily reduced to digital systems and data, like manufacturing, where people still do the bulk of the work. Augmented reality (AR) solutions can help deliver digital benefits to human endeavors.

According to a 2021 study by ABI Research, industrial workflows, including manufacturing, have started to reap the benefits of AR headsets. Analysts estimate companies have deployed more than 15 million AR glasses to workers who can use them to visually access information, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate what they’re seeing on the job.

"Augmented reality adds a visual element to a data-heavy system that can sometimes devalue the human worker,” according to Eric Abbruzzese, augmented and virtual reality research director at ABI Research. “AR brings the worker back into the equation.”

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