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Major IoT Players Fighting Solution Commoditization with Partnerships and Acquisitions

In June 2019, Sierra Wireless and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to provide full stack Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that leverage Sierra Wireless’ new Octave edge data orchestration solution with Microsoft’s Azure IoT Central. The solution will simplify the process of getting edge data to the cloud. This partnership is also notable because, in partnering with Microsoft, Sierra Wireless will migrate its existing cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage Azure’s suite of cloud services. By combining Azure IoT Central’s application development tools with Octave’s device, network, and cloud Application Programming Interface (API) integration capabilities, both Microsoft and Sierra Wireless are hoping to target enterprise IoT customers and provide them with dramatically reduced solution development costs and Time to Market (TTM).

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Susan Beardslee
Susan Beardslee
Principal Analyst

Digital Aviation Freight Services to Exceed US$1.7 Billion in Revenue by 2024

Evolving air freight technologies are transforming an industry that moves nearly 7% of the global Gross Domestic Product. However, escalating trade wars, industry consolidation, overcapacity, and rising consumer expectations are adding tremendous pressure to both freight forwarders and air freight services. These forces are driving air freight technology services adoption to rise by a 17% CAGR, with connection revenues alone rising by 25% from 2018 to 2024, according to ABI Research.   

Technology innovation beyond safety is driven by the need for transparency and integration. Digitizing aviation freight services will improve business processes for slot reservations, goods tracking, online quoting, and digital invoicing. “Beyond analytics and platforms, the international air freight industry will need to redefine the notion of delivery. Emerging opportunities include cold chain enhancements, near real-time visibility, and 30-minute deliveries via Unmanned Aircraft Systems,” says Susan Beardslee, Principal Analyst, Intelligent Transportation & eFreight. “Competitors who do not embrace the evolution and lag behind early adopters will have to face inefficiencies, decreased profits, their partners, and their customers,” Beardslee warns. Read more

Don Alusha
Don Alusha
Senior Analyst

5G Core Platforms Set to Generate US$8 Billion as MSPs Transition to More Software-Centric Networks

Telecoms vendors and Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) are probing new revenue opportunities and business models that look beyond where the money is in the value chain, to where it will be in the years to come. An increased emphasis on software-centric networks like 5G, which favor services, is expected to usher in the next wave of growth in telecoms, finds ABI Research. But the industry will only reap the benefits of advanced use cases such as ultra-reliable low-latency communications (uRLLC) and massive machine-type communications (mMTC) when they migrate wholesale to full 5G networks.

“The industry must realize that 5G is not just about radio and core network evolution,” says Don Alusha, Senior Analyst. “The introduction of 5G is almost certainly going to require investment in other parts of the ecosystem, like transport networks and cloud-based platforms. The supply side of telecoms, therefore, must accompany its 5G offering with a clear understanding of how 5G-specific use cases fit into the wider connectivity-centric telecoms ecosystem to unlock new commercial opportunities for the industry at large.” Read more


What Will Smart Homes Look Like 10 Years From Now?

Time Magazine

Consumers will spend $123 billion on IoT gear by 2021, according to advisory firm ABI Research, a number that’s likely to rise thereafter.

A range of technological developments will drive smart-home technology well beyond what’s available on store shelves today. Innovations in artificial intelligence, for example, stand to upend almost everything in our lives, including our homes. Read the full article

What You Need to Know About Apple's $1B Intel 5G Modem Investment

Computer World

Dimitris Mavrakis, Research Director at ABI Research: “Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s 5G modem business will not only allow the iPhone manufacturer to gain world-class expertise in cellular modems, which is one of the most challenging areas in R&D, but also allow it to strike better deals with other major 5G patent holders. Apple will also potentially be able to negotiate better terms with its current 5G suppliers as well as integrate parts of the 5G modem into its existing processors.

“It is important to note that by inheriting some of the key 5G patents developed by Intel, Apple will be able to differentiate its 5G offering in what will soon be a very highly competitive 5G landscape.” Read the full article.

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