Augmented and Virtual Reality: the First Wave of 5G Killer Apps

01 Feb 2017

Through a collaboration with Qualcomm, this whitepaper takes a deeper look at the cross between 5G and ARVR markets. While both of these markets are nascent and evolving, it is imperative to understand not only the technical components and limitations of these technologies but also how they will synergize, enabling new technologies and reinforcing existing ones. 5G promises to bring increased network capacity, reduced latency, and stronger network uniformity; all three of these will be critical for ARVR as a whole. For this paper, four of the most promising potential ARVR use cases requiring 5G were selected and analyzed: automotive video streaming, stadium upload and download, 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) video, and tactile Internet. Along with this, supporting market data, timelines, barriers and accelerators, market readiness, and more are included to provide additional insight into the space.

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