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Advised a major US carrier on mobile enterprise technologies. | Counseled a major US carrier on the benefits of having a company-wide strategy on mobile apps.

Are Mobile Service Providers Doomed to Marginalization?

11 Jun 2018

Mobile service providers aim to address enterprise verticals, including manufacturing, transport and utilities, but have done little to truly address opportunities in these areas and build internal expertise before 5G achieves mainstream status. However, the discussions must be about solutions, not technologies. Uncover the opportunities available to MSPs, and what the future of the mobile industry holds in this enlightening whitepaper.

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Automated Living: The Merging of Smart Mobility, Smart Cities and Smart Home

11 Jun 2018

This whitepaper focuses on the adjacencies and synergies between smart mobility, smart cities and the smart home. More importantly, how assets and technologies developed and deployed in one market can be leveraged for other markets. This can result in a more holistic and seamless experience and an automated living experience for consumers and citizens alike as well as optimized solutions across the markets.

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Smart Lighting as a Service

30 May 2018

The transition toward energy efficiency LED lighting, in conjunction with the proliferation of advanced lighting control systems, is leading to a huge transformation of the lighting industry. This transformation is further amplified with the emergence of connected or “smart” LED lighting, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption and the provision of better quality of lighting services. In addition, over the last few years, smart lighting infrastructure has begun to incorporate additional value-added features, such as sensor technologies, location services, and telecommunications networking infrastructure. These innovations can vastly increase the utility of a lighting network, and are increasingly being integrated alongside wider IoT platforms now being deployed across numerous verticals, including commercial building automation, retail spaces, industrial environments, smart homes, and street lighting, among many others.

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Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

02 May 2018

Hannover Messe was a vibrant and well-attended tradeshow. The impact of technology and pursuit of digitization was evident in full. The appetite for new transformative technological approaches was hearty, yet some confusion within the market continues to impact velocity. From data ownership and management to edge and cloud computing, ABI Research has compiled our observations on these and other transformative technologies covering 8 research services: AR & Mixed Reality; Blockchain & DLT; Digital Security; Intelligent Transportation & eFreight; M2M, IoT & IoE; Robotics, Automation & Intelligent Systems; Smart Manufacturing; and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Wireless Connectivity. Learn more about what we discovered at 2018 Hannover Messe.

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How Blockchain is Impacting Industrial Manufacturing and Supply Chain Logistics

11 Apr 2018

Blockchain is essentially a ledger technology that uses cryptography to provide an authoritative record of secure transactions. By doing away with a trusted centralized middle man responsible for the ledger, blockchain allows for a “trustless trust.” The three primary transformative features are immutability, transparency, and autonomy. The key drivers for blockchain and Industry 4.0 are automation, connectivity, and digitization. Couple that with greater intelligence through analytics and data rationalization, and the implementation of smarter operations can begin. Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and cyberphysical systems represent the most popular realization of those key drivers. This whitepaper details background information (defining blockchain, smart contracts and DAOs), industrial drivers, Industry 4.0 issues, barriers and challenges to blockchain, and blockchain use cases in industrial manufacturing and supply chain logistics.

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Q & A: What Industrial Innovators Must Know

27 Mar 2018

What are the most compelling transformative technologies that will impact the industrial manufacturing market? Discover the top questions and answers industrial innovators need to know in six 1-minute reads focusing on transformative technologies.

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Future of the Mobile Industry: A Reality Check

06 Mar 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018 left many of us at ABI Research deeply concerned about the future health of the mobile ecosystem and the Mobile Service Provider (MSP) community. There is a growing chasm between what MSPs should be doing versus what they are doing and can do. Discover the trends that were uncovered at MWC.

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22 Feb 2018

In our latest groundbreaking benchmarking study to identify the movers and losers in telco innovation, ABI Research has concluded that Asian telcos are leaders in innovation followed by U.S. Tier Ones: AT&T and Verizon. European telcos are perceived as laggards in the innovation game -- with DT, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone distant followers of China Mobile, NTT Docomo, Softbank and KDDI that are even ramping up their efforts to foster innovation.

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What Telcos Need to Know Now

16 Feb 2018

Telecommunications markets across the globe are declining. Average revenue per user (ARPU) trends continue on a downward spiral because of unlimited packages, market saturation, increased competition, drop in roaming revenues, and the demand of what customers want in terms of quality and price. ABI Research can help explore the assets telcos have to currently sell to enterprise verticals – a new revenue stream. ABI can identify the verticals and technologies that hold the most opportunity for your organization. We will give you a bigger picture of the opportunities by providing strategic guidance to make you successful with them.

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What Visionaries Should Have Learned From CES 2018

17 Jan 2018

If CES 2018 is anything to go by, the centers of innovation will gravitate toward the unsexy parts of the business. The supply chain, the delivery network, the workforce, the building, and the workspace will be the future hot spots for innovation rather than technology driving compelling changes to the way customers consume -- with some notable exceptions such as Voice Control, AR, and VR. Enterprise longevity will be based on its ability to technologically transform its core structure. For some companies, this business environment will represent a red ocean, for some, it will be blue. It all comes down to the organizational appetite for technology-driven transformation.

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