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Advised a major US carrier on mobile enterprise technologies. | Counseled a major US carrier on the benefits of having a company-wide strategy on mobile apps.

Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Media and Entertainment

14 Nov 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a significant opportunity to not just improve bottom-line efficiency, but also top-line revenue generation for Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies to counter many of the current challenges in the industry, as old revenue models stagnate, while new ones emerge.

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As-A-Service Model Key for Large-Scale Deployment of Indoor Location Services

12 Nov 2018

Location-Based Services (LBS) have evolved dramatically over time and will continue to do so. The first waves of these services took the form of outdoor navigation services, proximity marketing solutions, and social applications that integrate points of interest. We are now starting to see the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, where many connected devices and objects will require high precision and seamless indoor and outdoor positioning technologies to enable use cases such as seamless way-finding, people and pet tracking, asset tracking, proximity services, geo-fencing, and geo-information services.

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2nd Annual Transformative Technology Trends Report

06 Nov 2018

We are at two crossroads. The first is centered around fundamental operational realities that are beginning to take hold in many markets, combined with the notion that traditional methods for alleviating these accumulating pressures are proving less than optimal. Technology is being positioned as the force multiplier that will solve these issues. The second crossroad is centered around the outlook and fortunes of companies that supply technologies and technology-based services. The rapid growth of many of these companies was built around the consumer market or founded on IT and is now plateauing. Our second annual 3 BIG Trends Impacting the Most Compelling Transformative Technologies: 19 1-Minute Reads whitepaper will provide a first step in giving more clarity on technological choice, business application relevancy, and investment priority.

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The American Industrial Revolution: Brief Reads for Visionaries

21 Sep 2018

There are several emerging technologies that look set to enable manufacturers in developing markets to remain competitive: Additive manufacturing is on the cusp of being able to demonstrate its applicability for scale deployment. Generative design promises to reduce wastage, speed design processes, and revolutionize material usage. Virtualization, visualization, and digital twins are set to reduce machine downtime and machine commissioning time as well as improve the efficiency of all aspects of part and product manufacturing, from start to end. Cobots and autonomous material handling robots are set to enable a more efficient and zero touch environment that, not only optimizes the shop floor but also extends beyond the line to both ends of the process in the warehouse and eventually into the logistics supply chain. AI (Artificial Intelligence), sensorization, connectivity, and IoT (Internet of Things) will be key to optimizing productivity. However, they are currently being held back by conservative attitudes toward data management and connecting machines. This will change as the market pressure mounts. Download this whitepaper, “The Next American Industrial Revolution: Key Takeaways from IMTS 2018 and Hannover Messe USA – 4 Brief Reads for Visionaries,” that ABI Research discovered firsthand during the IMTS (International Manufacturing Trade Show) and Hannover Messe USA conferences.

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Executive Summary: Smart Manufacturing Platform Ranking

26 Jul 2018

ABI Research published on July 19, 2018 a 35-page Competitive Assessment Report (CA-1254) that ranks 11 Smart Manufacturing platforms from major vendors. ABI Research ranked these platforms based on their proven innovation and implementation criteria framework.

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The Top Strategic Recommendations for Industrial Technology Visionaries

28 Jun 2018

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to transformative technologies to support growth but also faced with numerous risks. ABI Research has identified several transformative technologies that manufacturers need to integrate into their digitization endeavors. Download our whitepaper to receive a high-level "Executive Overview" for each technology discipline as well as important "Strategic Recommendations."

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Accelerating the Path to 5G with LTE Advanced Pro

25 Jun 2018

Mobile networks are in the middle of a vast transition, one that is more groundbreaking than any other periods of transition in the past 15 years: 5G is expected to bring a much bigger impact to the global economy than 3G and 4G. Mobile service providers transitioned from a voice-centric to a data-driven business model, which not only ushered in the era of the mobile Internet, but is now also creating new business opportunities in adjacent markets, including the Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, and many more.

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The Rise & Outlook of Antennas in 5G

11 Jun 2018

The antenna has become a very complex and invaluable segment of the 5G network, and momentum is rapidly building up with 5G, particularly in light of recent announcements in the mobile service provider (MSP) world, on the standardization front, spectrum work and 3GPP, with Releases 15 and 16 making significant contributions. Our whitepaper takes a closer look at how antennas will become an increasingly critical element in the 5G network over the next several years.

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Are Mobile Service Providers Doomed to Marginalization?

11 Jun 2018

Mobile service providers aim to address enterprise verticals, including manufacturing, transport and utilities, but have done little to truly address opportunities in these areas and build internal expertise before 5G achieves mainstream status. However, the discussions must be about solutions, not technologies. Uncover the opportunities available to MSPs, and what the future of the mobile industry holds in this enlightening whitepaper.

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Automated Living: The Merging of Smart Mobility, Smart Cities and Smart Home

11 Jun 2018

This whitepaper focuses on the adjacencies and synergies between smart mobility, smart cities and the smart home. More importantly, how assets and technologies developed and deployed in one market can be leveraged for other markets. This can result in a more holistic and seamless experience and an automated living experience for consumers and citizens alike as well as optimized solutions across the markets.

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