Looking for UltraViolet’s Light at the End of an Increasingly Fragmented Tunnel

Date: Thursday, Aug. 1 2013, 7 a.m. US/Eastern


In this webinar we will discuss some of the variables impacting UltraViolet’s (UV) long term potential after a solid start. UV continues to work through some growing pains although the service surpassed 12 million total accounts in early 2013. UV has strong support from a number of movie studios and some retailers within the content value chain and seems poised to fulfill its vision as the threading that stitches together the disparate fabrics of the content marketplace. Key holdouts like Amazon, Apple, and Disney, however, could lead to the unraveling of the cohesive UV experience – Disney for instance is standing behind its Digital Copy Plus service. As more company’s try to build ecosystems around in-house solutions and products the hurdles being erected in front of UV could begin to mount – leading to a less than certain future. Join us as we discuss whether or not UV’s current momentum will see it through to the end goal or if we believe the fragmentation will prove too great.    

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