After the Coronavirus: What Will Drive the IoT Market Through 2020

Date: Wednesday, April 15 2020, 11 a.m. US/Eastern

COVID-19 is creating a ripple in the supply chain driving imbalances in both demand and supply. As one country, region or city gets infections under control, another is responding in dramatic ways to limit the pandemic’s damage. Under these conditions, asset visibility and connected operations will become even more critical for enterprise viability in uncertain times but also for long-term success. Asset tracking and connected infrastructure will see increased investment but its value will need support by other enabling technologies in security, blockchain, eSIM/iSIM and a range of other services.

The pandemic is also driving renewed emphasis on contactless, biometrics and surveillance technologies to add resilience to connected operations and enable novel approaches to connected solutions. Finally, enterprises need to look at monetization strategies in a more connected environment that result not only from new business models but also new ways to leverage data and associated services.

Key Topics

  • Using IoT to diversify and invest in the supply chain and connected infrastructure
  • IoT security – From hardware to lifecycle management
  • The growing importance of iSIM and eSIM
  • Contactless, biometrics, and surveillance
  • IoT monetization strategies

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