Transforming Your Business with Mobility: Making Smart Choices in a Noisy Market

Date: Thursday, April 11 2013, 7 a.m. US/Eastern


Sponsored by AT&T.

The enterprise mobility market is a maze of choices. First enterprises need to figure out what are the core products and services that comprise an enterprise solution which can grow and scale as business mobilization expands. Second, they need to identify which companies can offer solution components. In the enterprise mobility space there are literally hundreds of vendors offering products, platforms, and services. In this area alone, businesses have the gargantuan task of just assessing supplier capabilities. Finally, the enterprise mobility market is rapidly evolving across technologies, supplier solutions, and use cases. Today enterprises need to think not just about employee mobilization but also of customer and partner mobilization, M2M connections, and new ways to use mobile such as in financial transactions.

This webinar will simplify the enterprise mobility challenge to help sort through the labyrinth of choices. It will present the key elements required to construct an enterprise mobility strategy and solution set. It will examine each element and set forth the key questions for assessment. Finally it will review the supplier environment to address the question of “Can a single supplier do it all”? In other words, are there mobility suppliers that can provide an end-to-end view of the supplier environment, market evolution, and most importantly help construct an enterprise mobility strategy and solution set that meets the specific IT and customer environment of a business? The webinar will conclude with a review of supplier segments considered an enterprise mobility solution “one-stop-shop” and assess their benefits, limitations, and key capabilities.

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