The Internet of Things and Analytics - Looking beyond the Hype

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 10 2014, 6 a.m. US/Eastern

The real potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) lies in the ability to expose data from physical assets that have traditionally been opaque and impenetrable for accurate analysis. For organisations worldwide, analytic insight into the IoT and the industrial data it opens up an unprecedented opportunity to transform the way they operate. By combining the IoT and analytics, they can explore and analyse the data generated by sensors, machines, and industrial applications – finding business-critical insights in real time and regardless of the volume, format or velocity of the data.

In this webinar ABI Research and Splunk discuss together how the intersection of the IoT and analytics is currently evolving. ABI Research’s analysts will share their views on the key trends and present the latest market forecasts on the industry. They will be joined by the IoT team at Splunk, who will showcase how Splunk, the Platform for Machine Data, is used to provide real-time and historical insights across various types of machine data. The Splunk team will demonstrate how their customers and developer partners are already using Splunk for their IoT solutions with use cases such as troubleshooting, operations, security, and business analytics.

Wednesday, September 10th. 

10 am EDT. 

3pm BST.

4pm CEST. 


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