New Critical End Market Requirements: How Can Technology Enable Them?

Date: Thursday, April 16 2020, 11 a.m. US/Eastern

If anything, COVID-19 has already shown that the new economy cannot cope with sudden changes and major shifts in demand. E-commerce, on-demand warehousing and manufacturing, delivery and freight transportation have all hit their limitations, not being able to scale sufficiently to cope with exceptional circumstances like those created by COVID-19.

From an end markets perspective, the level at which technologies are used to enable flexibility, agility, and scalability of product and service delivery needs to be raised dramatically and immediately. Key technologies include public and private 5G connectivity, robotics and automation, AI, IoT, demand-response software, generative design and digital twins.

Key Topics:

  • Multi-modal freight transportation, on-demand warehousing, and supply chain agility 
  • Manufacturing flexibility, profitability, and fast production line reconfigurability  
  • Smart cities life cycle management and resilience approaches  
  • Smart mobility electrification and scalability  
  • Smart home platformization and vertical adjacencies 
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