Demystifying Blockchain – Are We Overcooking Opportunities, Applications, and Key GTM Concepts?

Date: Thursday, March 29 2018, 2 p.m. US/Eastern


As an emergent technology, few have been as disruptive as blockchain in stirring up furor with regards to its transformative potential. With some hailing it as the next digital miracle, and others disdaining it as vaporware hype, the spectacular volatility of Bitcoin has only served to stoke the fires of debate. Beyond the increasingly speculative nature of cryptocurrencies, is there groundbreaking value in the emerging blockchain phenomena, or are we overcooking opportunities with fluff applications? This webinar will seek to demystify blockchain technology and separate the wheat from the chaff.

This webinar will address the following five questions:

  • What is (and what isn’t) blockchain?
  • Why all the hype about blockchain?
  • What can blockchain be used for?
  • Is blockchain a viable technology?
  • Can blockchain change the world?

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