Collaborative Robotics: Market Opportunities

Date: Thursday, June 11 2015, 11 a.m. US/Eastern

Advancements in robotic and control technology now make it possible for industrial robots to expand beyond their traditional manufacturing and automation roles, to support whole new classes of applications, and by extension, new markets. Perhaps the best example of this trend is the development and use of collaborative robots, systems designed to work safely in close proximity and cooperatively with human coworkers, especially in manufacturing environments.

The collaborative robotics segment is growing rapidly as new suppliers, technologies, and investors enter the market. As is common with other hot technology sectors, this has resulted in a great deal of “noise” in the robotics community, as well as in the business and investment press. This results in increased risk, missed opportunities, and confusion among all members of the collaborative robotics value chain. In this webinar, designed for the collaborative robotics supplier and end-user communities (existing and potential), attendees will be provided with a critical analysis of the collaborative robotics sector.

In order to better illustrate the most important factors and trends in collaborative robotics we have also provided a complimentary infographic below.

This webinar will answer the following questions top of mind for all collaborative robotics players:

  • How will collaborative robots speed up and save cost for the production line?
  • Which regions offer the main areas of growth and which are becoming saturated quickly?
  • What are the distinct differences between the collaborative robots on the market?
Webinar Schedule

  • Defining Collaborative Robotics
  • Drivers, Markets and Opportunities
  • Market Size
  • Representative Products

Collaborative Robotics Market Breakdown
As shown in the chart to the right, ABI Research expects a sharp uptick in collaborative robotics units shipped through 2020. How will this affect manufacturing now and what are the operational capabilities of collaborative robots? Please see our complimentary downloadable infographic for a taste of the webinar and follow-up Collaborative Robotics market data to come.

Business Drivers                              
Political / Social Imperatives    
Representative Technologies  
Operational Capabilities             

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