Building Practical IoT Security to Preempt Tomorrow’s Cyberattacks

Date: Thursday, March 15 2018, noon US/Eastern

Sponsored by Rambus: IoT technologies are rapidly growing, but cybersecurity is not keeping pace quickly enough to address the increasing exposure of vulnerabilities in the ecosystem. Growing connected device and service adoption will mean increased threat vectors and therefore greater liability for manufacturers, service providers and implementers alike. Deploying a practical and scalable cybersecurity solution can help minimize risks. To do so adequately, a comprehensive strategy must start in silicon and continue throughout a product lifecycle. This webinar will look at how IoT security can be deployed efficiently and seamlessly from device to cloud without negatively impacting profitability or time to market.
    This webinar will answer the following five questions:
  • How is the IoT evolving?
  • Why is there a need for security?
  • What are the threats facing IoT technologies?
  • What are the challenges for secure deployment?
  • How can Rambus tackle the issues?

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