Antennas: A Critical Element in Your 5G Network

Date: Thursday, May 3 2018, 10 a.m. US/Eastern

Sponsored by Kathrein

Mobile cellular antennas are the unsung heroes of the mobile cellular network. They pick up and deliver your voice calls, messages, web-pages and video streams. Mobile cellular base-station antennas have been at the cutting edge of innovation as antenna vendors, like Kathrein, find novel ways to keep antennas compact, reliable, low profile and effective in covering a range of urban and rural scenarios.

With 5G just over the horizon, the need for multi-band antennas that can handle up to 5 to 10 frequencies and Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) transmissions (MU-MIMO, FD-MIMO and Massive MIMO) is testing the innovative limits of antenna vendors. 5G also introduces the 3.5 GHz, and even the millimeter wave 26~28 GHz, which needs to be added to the antenna array in a tightly integrated and low profile form-factor.

This webinar will answer:

  • How will 5G grow in terms of subscriptions and data traffic?
  • What does the 5G standards roadmap look like?
  • What is the outlook for multiband antennas and the innovations they are applying to make it possible?
  • How important is MIMO to 4G and to 5G?
  • What other competitive pressures impact the purchasing decision of the mobile telcos re: mobile base-station antennas?

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