5G Acceleration – Reality and Opportunities for Non-Consumer Markets

Date: Tuesday, March 28 2017, 11 a.m. US/Eastern


In this webinar, we’ll provide our view on the evolution of 5G. Will the many impacted industries work together to operationalize the networks? What will this mean for the ecosystem? We’ll look at applications and use cases for vertical market adjacencies.

Key topics include:

  • Assessment of 5G capabilities related to bandwidth, latency and D2D in terms of vertical applications and use cases
  • Evolutionary nature of cellular technologies and mobile ecosystem support for vertical lifecycle management

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Presented By

Dominique Bonte

Vice President, Verticals/End Markets

Malik Saadi

Vice President, Strategic Technologies

Dan Shey

Vice President, Enabling Platforms

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Webinar: 5G Acceleration – Reality and Opportunities for the Non-Consumer Markets