Susan Beardslee

Research Focus

Susan Beardslee, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, provides global intelligent transportation and e-freight research coverage, including commercial vehicle telematics, heavy duty and agriculture equipment technologies and multi-modal service models. She leads research on emerging areas such as analytics, prognostics, and over-the-air (OTA) updates, Freight as a Service (FaaS), gateways and electrification.

Past Experience

Susan’s background includes relevant experience in embedded technologies and IoT, advanced automotive, transport, and UAVs. She previously worked for Intel and ON Semiconductor and held a variety of positions with other semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers. She assumed roles in market research, as well as strategy, operations management, competitive analysis, and IT, including cybersecurity management.


Susan holds a B.S. in Marketing, as well as an M.B.A with a focus on Supply Chain from Arizona State University.


Scottsdale, U.S.

Topics Covered

Commercial Telematics, Air/Rail/Maritime Transportation Models, Vehicle Electrification, Connected Cars, Smart Mobility

Contributes To

AI & Machine Learning

Industrial, Collaborative & Commercial Robotics

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Industrial Research Library

IoT Network and Services

Smart Mobility & Automotive

Supply Chain Management & Logistics